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Outdoor And Indoor Exercise Is Good For Variety
December 11, 2016

I read an interesting article elsewhere not entirely unrelated to what we’re doing here today. What we’re doing here and now is promoting good health and fitness. This article that I read had more to do with air pollution levels and the startling news is that according to government and environmental agency statistics, the quality of your indoor air could be a lot more toxic than the air you breathe outdoors. So what the heck folks, let’s spend more time outdoors.

But seriously folks, there’s nothing wrong with being inside. Most of us have to work inside anyway. But do get a bit of color on your skin, sunshine. Ok, I know the sun’s UV rays are very bad for us right now, but we can still get the balance right now can’t we. We can take the necessary precautions and we can adapt and be inventive. I’m a great believer in getting the balance right. To this end I really believe that both outdoor and indoor exercise sets things right in terms of stimulating your interest in exercise and adding more variety to your physical life.

By adding variety to your future health and fitness plans, you’ll also be keeping boredom away. By adding variety to your new exercise plans and physically active lives, you’ll be giving all of your muscle groups an equally healthy chance to regroup. By adding more variety to your life, you’ll be exercising your mind in a whole new healthy way. The mind stays stimulated with new thoughts and new focus points.

The previous article was more about motivation than anything else. I touched the ceiling then on addressing the matter of overcoming fear and incredulity at starting your new growth path in just one week. In fact, I even mentioned that you could start as early as now. Day one is always the hardest but once that’s past, day two becomes a little easier and should be looked forward to. What makes your new exercise regime easier, as I’ve mentioned time and time again, is that you’re not overdoing it. You’re doing just what your body can manage right now.

By doing only what is possible for now, those of you who find yourselves always so busy at work lately can also take heart in this, you’re already keeping fit today. I’m just going to quickly run through what a beginner’s model could look like in the first week of exercising. At this point in time, I’d like to remind readers not to say to themselves that, okay, I’ll start this plan when the new month starts. I made that mistake too, once upon a time. No, start today. Don’t leave it over until a few weeks from now. Procrastination and doubt can easily set in and before you know it, exercise is forgotten about and you’re back to square one, sitting in front of the TV with your chicken box and crisps.

By now, I’m so far down the road on my own health and fitness life that by the time I do sit down in front of the TV, which is occasional, by the way, I can get quickly bored. My body and mind having already been stimulated well throughout the day, I’m good and ready for a good night’s sleep anyhow. I look forward to the next day’s activities. Here’s how your first week of exercise could look like if you’re just starting out.

There’s a silver lining to look forward to. Mondays always seem to be so hard. It’s the beginning of a new week at work and after what may have been a fun-filled weekend; no-one’s looking forward to this long and hard week. I think that’s got more to do with not being sufficiently fit and energized, but I do see the need to go easy on the first day. My first day of exercise is as gentle and relaxing as possible. Its well and truly just a twenty minute walk in the park. Or just a neighborhood walk. Day two gets a bit interesting. Now all you’ll be doing is some basic stretching exercises to loosen up those muscles a little. It will also prepare your body and mind for the next evening’s exertions.

Wednesday is for power. It’s for starting to get those muscles of yours to put in a bit of overtime. You don’t need real weights for this. You can use your own body weight to do a few makeshift weight (training) exercises. Check out on the internet what the pros have to say about going through these motions correctly. Thursday is a big day. Before you go out for your first big run, make sure that you’ve done your stretching exercises. When you’ve come back from your run, make sure you cool your body off with a few more of those stretching exercises.

By Friday, you’re ready to start winding down for the weekend. Something light. Saturday is a big day for a long, long walk or hike. And Sunday you take the whole day off. Your body deserves that break by now.



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