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Keeping Fit Today Will Help You Lose Weight And De-Stress
December 11, 2016

If this does not prove to be enough motivation for you then I do not know.

What could one suggest other than the proverbial kick up the backside. Now, those words may seem harsh at this time but have been deliberately meant in the most well-meaning way possible. This short and stern message is also responding to the understanding realization that keeping fit today is not at all as easy as it once was many years ago before television sets and automobiles encouraged people to take the easy way out of their lives by becoming more sterile and physically immobile in their daily lives.

Back then, probably around the time our grandparents, perhaps even great-grandparents, were up and about in the workplace like you and me are now, people were mostly physically active. Instead of TV, they went out dancing or to the movies for their weekend entertainment. During the week, many folks would gather around the radio to listen to the evening news, a story or two and some music, while others would keep their minds active before bedtime doing a bit of reading or writing to their pen pals.

Today, in this age of computers and social media, and especially big screen flat TV’s, who could ever imagine living such lives. Oh, let us not forget that before these otherworldly folks settled in for the night after a wholesome meal and after a hard day’s work, they still had to do their chores. There were no automated vacuum cleaners to clean the carpets and floors with. Just a simple broom and dustpan would have done quite alright. There were no dishwashers either. Dishes were washed thoroughly by hand and dried afterwards. And so were the clothes that we wear.

These folks didn’t need keep fit motivations the way we seem to today.  Today, there are those among us that need motivating more than others as if lives depended on it. But today, my motivation to you is that getting on the old bandwagon towards keeping fit will lead to you being a happier specimen within a matter of weeks. Keep that in mind always to try and motivate yourself further. If you’re feeling down in the dumps now and always feeling tired and bloated, just imagine what it’s going to feel like when you start exercising and begin to lose weight.

While you start on your first exercise plan, you’ll also be addressing the way you’ve been eating all this time. That may be hard for some to fathom because it will mean making a lot of sacrifices. There’ll be no more sweet treats and crispy, salty late night snacks in front of the TV. Perhaps if there’s a huge need to lose excess weight, there’ll be no more trips to the pizza hut on Friday evenings after work. Burger and fries fairs are definitely a thing of the past.

Many of you will be tasting water for the first time. Can you imagine that? But you’ll get used it to it. It tastes good, by the way. Imagine what it will be like when you start to slow down in life. Because that is what you’ll be doing when you start exercising once and for all. While you’re on a new routine of sorts, you’ll also be looking into being more physically active. So, instead of driving to the corner to fetch snacks, smokes and sodas late at night, you’ll be taking a stroll into the town to visit your favorite deli to pick up some healthy protein food snacks and fresh fruit and vegetables.

And while you’re doing this, you’ll be seeing and sensing a lot of what you never did before.



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