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Keep Fit Motivations For Those Just Starting Out
December 11, 2016

Hi there. Welcome to a series of articles built around the purpose vehicle of keeping fit. Its design model is mainly to motivate and inspire readers to make quick and easy transitions from doing nothing to being physically active every day. The keep fit motivations will also include sub-themes on healthy eating and the importance of hydration. There is also a pertinent note or two on how keeping fit will brilliantly help highly-stressed readers reduce their current stress levels.

These next few lines will offer some motivations for those just starting out. It will attempt to encourage them to take those first easy steps by telling it like it is. Getting started on a new keep fit plan is a lot easier than you thought. I also mentioned that it will help you to reduce your stress levels. From day one, you will notice a difference. Also, let this serve as a note of great encouragement to overweight men and women.

It does not matter when or where you start, keeping fit through exercise, walking, running and all-round physical activity will help you lose weight. It’s all in the mind and it’s really up to you. It will also depend on what you are eating and how you are eating it and even when you are eating those meals. For instance, eating around eleven at night, just before bedtime, does not do your heavy and stressed body any good.

It should have had its meal at least four hours before sleep time in order to allow the body time to digest what its consumed and begin the process of relaxation. A good cup of chamomile tea or even warm milk has often been suggested as a good relaxant before bedtime. It’s still true for today’s busy times. Not to be forgotten by those who have made the right choice to become physically active is the need to stay hydrated, along with keeping the body properly nourished.

Part of me motivating the case that getting to and over the first rung of your fitness mission is easy comes by way of a plan. A successful life needs a good, long-term plan. A successful business thrives mainly due to ongoing planning meetings and workshops. The visionary is also always plotting and planning something positive for the future. The problem of time, or not having enough of it, is also overcome with good and proper planning.

Just one plan taking no longer than a day to think about can set the wheels in motion towards becoming fit within a matter of days. Previously, people always used to say how hard it was to get off the couch and onto the road to start exercising. Again, it is all in the mind. It is easier than you think. It also depends a lot on what you’ve started out with. For instance, it hardly makes sense for you to attempt a twenty mile run for the very first time when you’re already over two hundred and fifty pounds on the scale.

This is not a fitness mission. It looks more like a suicide mission and is foolhardy. You might be big and hefty for now but do take gentle baby steps. First learn to crawl before learning to walk. And before you know it, you will be running as fast as you like and as your body is naturally allowed to do. You will also be jumping for joy, as you should. Those of you just starting out can start right now. Yes, that’s right. Now.

Why not? Oh, alright, it’s snowing where you are. H’mm, what shall we do then? How about this then? Start rummaging through your kitchen cupboard to toss out all the junk and clearing out some of the most distracting things in your bedroom that never helped you to relax anyway. There now; your first exercise session done and dusted.





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