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August 23, 2015



My teenage daughter is “at that age”, you know, launching into womanhood. Most of the time it is interesting, or even poignant. Sometimes it’s a pain or scary. Every now and then, it can be a bit confusing. Such as, recently we went shopping for cosmetics and beauty products. Boy, have things changed since I was a teenage girl trying to master the eyelash curler. That was my only beauty gadget. Not so anymore.

We went to a local “beauty bar”. It’s a little shop in the mall that I never even notice. However, apparently, subliminally, my mind is always aware of its existence. When I decided it was time to inaugurate my daughter into stage one of womanhood, that was the first place that popped into my mind.

We arrive and one of the associates hustles my girl off to a comfortable seat in front of a mirror that was ringed with bright lightbulbs. She looked like a movie star getting prepped for her big scene. The associate pulled up a chair so I could sit nearby and be a part of my daughter’s transformation.

We all chatted gaily as she determined whether my daughter was a winter, summer, fall or spring. Once she selected the appropriate category, we picked out a corresponding color palette. The associate did a few things to see what type of skin my daughter had, then began rummaging through her supplies, selecting various bottles, compacts, brushes and what not.

Within an hour of the associates skillful magic with her craft, along with informative lectures on products and techniques, she transformed my daughter into an incredibly, gorgeous young woman I no longer recognized. I have to admit that I began to cry when I saw my little butterfly emerge.

Of course, now that the associate had been exceedingly successful in her artful efforts, she was, of course, expecting us to purchase. You see, the cosmetic facial was performed at no charge. The associates earn their living on commissioned product sales. I was not going to let this woman down.

Selecting eyeshadows and rouge and lipstick and foundation and a few brushes was no problem. I knew exactly what all of that stuff was. But then she pulled out the gadgets and gizmos, I became baffled and incredibly curious. What was all of this? What did they do? Should I get two of each, one for my daughter and one for me?

We were shown this gadget that had two silver ball-like things on the end. It is supposed to reduce small wrinkles and fine lines on the face by electronically toning tiny facial muscles. It’s like giving your face an exercise routine. Although my daughter didn’t need one, I put one in the bag for me.

There was a hi-tech gizmo suited just for my daughter’s needs as well. It was a hand-held device that emits an LED light spectrum designed to destroy the bacteria that produces acne. I think this is a much better idea than using chemicals on the skin. Also, it’s environment friendly. Think of how many bottles of this or tubes of that get thrown in the garbage heap throughout a girl’s acne-prone teenage years.

Once the sales associate saw that my daughter and I were really getting into the latest cosmetic technology, she brought out another device that was exactly what I was looking for. A woman my age is beginning to experience a lack of firmness in skin quality no matter how much moisturizer is applied and supplements are consumed. There is really no effective way to make an older woman’s body produce collagen and elastin at the same level it did when it was twenty-years-old. Now, a hand-held device, with two silver plates about the size of a quarter, delivers nano currents that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

I am determined to get rid of the cheek sag that is developing and creating those fine lines that make a woman’s face look like a ventriloquist doll. It may even help that turkey wattle that is hanging down under my chin, a loose flap of skin that drives me crazy. I hate any profile pictures taken of me because of that.

I have to say that this very special spa day for my daughter turned out to be more of a treat for me as well. We really did enjoy our time together. And the fun didn’t end at the beauty bar. Once we had blown every nickel I had to spare at the shop, we were eager to get home and try out all our new toys. We enjoyed several more hours at home blushing and shadowing and mascara-ing and zapping. What a great mother-daughter day!

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