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I am a blogging mom of three. I have a daughter in her mid-teens going on what seems like thirty. She is boy crazy and embarking on typical teenage girl ways of expressing her individuality. My sons, one nearing adulthood and another twelve-years-old, will probably always be around the age of twelve. I’m not sure guys ever really grow beyond that.

My kids are pretty much what my life revolves around. I don’t get out much unless it involves something related to the needs of my children. It most definitely is a full-time job. I don’t begrudge the time commitment. I had over two decades to indulge myself and do whatever I wanted. I can commit two decades in educating and grooming three souls to be the best human beings I can contribute to my world legacy. Then, I will have many, many more decades to resume doing whatever the heck I want.

For now it is life in the “burbs” and all that entails: Athletic events on the weekends during the school year; overcrowded cabins at the lake during spring break; feeding dozens of kids who are not my own throughout the summer; never having enough clean socks; nursing four patients with the flu and never complaining that, deep, down in my heart, I believe that I’m probably sicker than all of them; never, ever having a clean house for longer than thirty minutes; fighting the compulsion to rip off my daughter’s tight jeans and force her to wear a baggy, overall jumper; resolving myself to the fact that headlocks and ice cubes down my back are how young boys express their love.

As I grow as a mother and wife, I am always searching for answers and understanding. I look for ways to nurture my family better, physically and emotionally. I can honestly say that motherhood, in its own way, is a means of salvation. It has saved me from what is the very worst within me. It has forced me to face my own demons and exorcise them in order to keep them from haunting and harming my own children.

Quite often I fall short of the mark I create for myself. However, something very wonderful I have discovered about my children is their ability to love unconditionally. They do not judge me. They do not consider my failures as indicative of me as a whole. Often, I have to stand back and look at them through eyes of wonder. Day in and day out what I see are silly, immature children who constantly need me to guide them through life and relentlessly remind them of this or that. Yet, in reality, in their own, individual right, they are wonderful people, good people, extremely aware and wise people.

So, in essence, my blog posts are dedicated to my children and parents everywhere.

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