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A Home Tour of Surprises, Smiles & Tears
April 16, 2015



In 2015 the world lost a wonderful man who brought us all many smiles and laughs. In January, the Napa Valley Estate of the late Robin Williams was sold. Considering his unusual quirkiness and natural goofiness, it may come as a surprise to many that his sense of style and décor was of simple, understated sophistication.

Named Villa Sorriso, it certainly must have been a Villa of Smiles that suddenly became a Villa of Tears at the tragic loss of this beloved entertainer. While many memorialize Williams by referring to reruns of some of his best stand-up comedy or hilarious movies, perhaps to really reach into the heart and mind of this comedian who was most certainly an intellectual, a digital tour of the place he called home would serve better.

The 640 acre estate was custom built over ten years ago for Williams. The mansion is 20,000 square feet housing five bedrooms, six bathrooms, one powder room/water closet, a home theater (of course), an art gallery, Williams’ personal library, and a wine cellar. An elevator was also included in the design. The grounds contain a guest house of over 3,000 square feet, a gorgeous infinity pool, an orchard of olive trees, his own personal wine vineyard, various gardens, a stable, tennis courts, a small lake, and miles of private hiking trails.

The picturesque setting is nestled in the rolling hills atop the Mayacamas Mountains. The estate is surrounded by the Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Abutting Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, Williams surely enjoyed immense seclusion from the prying eyes that are always seeking out the private lives of celebrities.

Much diversity and contrasts are found throughout the mansion. The modern kitchen is filled with neutrals and natural woods and has the feel of a European country farmhouse. A step out to the pool gives one the impression they have just stepped into the lush patio of a Tuscan villa. And the view, well, it is simply fantastic. Looking out upon the lush valleys below can only be described as breathtaking.

Williams’ library is tasteful, understated and cozy. The casual sofa, which dominates the space, is surrounded by built in shelves from floor to ceiling filled with books. It is my guess that Williams spent many happy hours in this particular room out of all the other rooms in his home.

The casual theme of the library is in direct contrast to the vintage Tuscany inspiration of the dining room’s sophistication. It is furnished in impeccable taste and fit to entertain even the noblest of guests. And the panoramic views from the windows are of the tree filled forests of the surrounding mountain valleys.

The bright airiness of the master bedroom has a breathtaking mural on the ceiling which is dazzling enough to be perfectly at home in a cathedral of antiquity. Surrounded by such classic beauty, it is easy to see that Williams soul was delicate and appreciated the tenderness of ornate beauty.

Truly Williams had impeccable taste and had a great love and appreciation for beautiful art and classic architecture. It is reflected in every curve of the grand entry and ornate details of even the bathrooms. Taking the time to connect with his memory in this impeccably designed and decorated home is well worth the time.

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