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Who Was Jim Crow?
October 19, 2015
    Often, U.S. politics turn to the subject of race. Sometimes the term “Jim Crow” will be mentioned. I was fortunate enough to grow up after this legal system and social practice was no longer in effect. My parents, however, grew up in the Jim Crow South. My understanding of the term I have […]
Health and Lifestyle
Danger Lurking In The Pantry
October 4, 2015
    Say the word “petroleum” and the first things that come to mind are: fuel, oil, and climate change. A person may also think about petroleum jelly or plastics. However, one thing that would probably never cross your mind as a petroleum product would be your children’s snacks. Well, read on, my friends, read […]
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Will The Real Hobbit Please Stand Up?
October 3, 2015
    Everyone in my household has read the book, “The Hobbit” as well as seen the motion picture. We all loved it. We also believed this to be a story of fiction, a fantasy, a legend. It seems, however, that there is a kernel of truth that this wonderful story is built upon.