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Testing The Waters
December 3, 2014
Every morning the first two things I do are wash my face then make my way to the kitchen to fix a pot of coffee. Both actions performed with water straight from my faucets. Clean water that I take for granted. Not until recently have I ever eyed that liquid suspiciously as it streamed into […]
World and Travel
The Clever Packer
August 15, 2014
    Ever traveled? Yeah, me, too. Ever experienced the airline losing your baggage? Yeah? Well, not me. Ever freak out over lost baggage? Yeah? Well, not me. And here are the tips to avoid that potential freak out by never going through the baggage loss nightmare again.
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Grossest Mom Job, Ever
August 3, 2014
    There are lots of gross stuff this mom can handle. Got vomit? I can clean that. Have diarrhea? No problem, got that covered, too. Bleeding out? Here, let me apply a tourniquet. However, I absolutely draw the line where toenails are concerned. It must be a phobia. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never seen […]
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My Kids Are Cereal Addicts
July 13, 2014
    My kids are addicted to cereal. I suspect this condition is common in most households. I have no one to blame but myself. I have definitely been the enabler of this addiction. In fact, I was the first cereal pusher in their lives. As soon as their chubby fingers were capable of grasping […]
Health and Lifestyle
The Irony Of Beards
February 11, 2014
    My husband does not have a beard or a mustache and, after finding out the kinds of things that lurk and hide within facial hair, I’m very glad he doesn’t. Beards and mustaches are gross yet more popular than ever. Current trends have men sporting hipster beards all over the place. And, it […]