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A Couple Of Awesome Organic Juice Cleanse Recipes For You To Try Out
May 6, 2017

Hi fives, guys, here are just two good juicing recipes for your thirsty consideration. It is understood that many of you reading this might be heading into summer. How about that? Are we jealous? Naa, not at all. We are all fair and square over here and believe that we have had more than our summer fair share. Was it hot as hell? No, not really. It’s actually been one of the coolest summers in more ways than one. Sometimes the temperatures did soar but never as high as before. Or has it been a case of us all getting quite used to such extreme temperatures.

We’ve had to make quite a few adjustments in our lives to ensure that life is still quite comfortable. One of the essentials has been to live as healthily as possible. The nice thing about this is that living the healthy life ties up quite nicely to living the organic life. Today, we are also focusing on another healthy practice. That is the natural, but forced, process of cleansing the body from all harmful toxins, some of which can be accumulated through a prevalence of warm temperatures that persist. And to cap it all off, we have for you a couple of awesome organic juice cleanse recipes for you to try out.

These two recipes are the traditional green juice and then, perfect for your impending summer, the tropical juice. Both juices have its cleansing properties, so do make a note of these. Now, if you’ve never juiced before, make a note to read up on how to do this good and proper before rushing off to buy a juice extractor that might be too expensive for you and pockets of apples and oranges that you might not need and leave to waste. Actually, nothing in excess should go to waste. If you’re not going to be using your fruit for a regular organic juice cleanse, then make a point of cutting up some slices to go over your favorite fat and sugar free breakfast oats, muesli or cereals.

The traditional green juice

This is quite an easy juice to prepare and make on a regular, daily basis once you’ve learned how to use your state of the art juicer. The green juice is great for cleaning out those harmful toxins too. It is packed with folic acid, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. Oh, and don’t forget all those essential amino acids too. The ingredients are simple and regular too. These are simply just one green apple, a green bunch of celery, a green bunch of parsley and a fancy bunch of kale leaves. You’ll be adding lemon and lime juice and a scrunch of ginger which, in itself, has powerful cleansing or detoxifying properties. So, all of the above combine to give you the potent detox or cleansing combo.

The cool tropical juice

In many varieties, this juice has always been a popular choice over those hot summer days. It’s also quite healthy too. Its ingredients help to loosen up those bowels in the morning after the body has; hopefully, been able to enjoy a good night’s rest, in spite of the sweltering heat. Ginger goes into this concoction too. So too just a small pineapple and a ripe papaya and a medium sized kiwi fruit. Once all the ingredients are nicely juiced, a cup or so of coconut water, not milk, gets added in and mixed with the fruit juice base.

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Outdoor And Indoor Exercise Is Good For Variety
December 11, 2016

I read an interesting article elsewhere not entirely unrelated to what we’re doing here today. What we’re doing here and now is promoting good health and fitness. This article that I read had more to do with air pollution levels and the startling news is that according to government and environmental agency statistics, the quality of your indoor air could be a lot more toxic than the air you breathe outdoors. So what the heck folks, let’s spend more time outdoors.

But seriously folks, there’s nothing wrong with being inside. Most of us have to work inside anyway. But do get a bit of color on your skin, sunshine. Ok, I know the sun’s UV rays are very bad for us right now, but we can still get the balance right now can’t we. We can take the necessary precautions and we can adapt and be inventive. I’m a great believer in getting the balance right. To this end I really believe that both outdoor and indoor exercise sets things right in terms of stimulating your interest in exercise and adding more variety to your physical life.

By adding variety to your future health and fitness plans, you’ll also be keeping boredom away. By adding variety to your new exercise plans and physically active lives, you’ll be giving all of your muscle groups an equally healthy chance to regroup. By adding more variety to your life, you’ll be exercising your mind in a whole new healthy way. The mind stays stimulated with new thoughts and new focus points.

The previous article was more about motivation than anything else. I touched the ceiling then on addressing the matter of overcoming fear and incredulity at starting your new growth path in just one week. In fact, I even mentioned that you could start as early as now. Day one is always the hardest but once that’s past, day two becomes a little easier and should be looked forward to. What makes your new exercise regime easier, as I’ve mentioned time and time again, is that you’re not overdoing it. You’re doing just what your body can manage right now.

By doing only what is possible for now, those of you who find yourselves always so busy at work lately can also take heart in this, you’re already keeping fit today. I’m just going to quickly run through what a beginner’s model could look like in the first week of exercising. At this point in time, I’d like to remind readers not to say to themselves that, okay, I’ll start this plan when the new month starts. I made that mistake too, once upon a time. No, start today. Don’t leave it over until a few weeks from now. Procrastination and doubt can easily set in and before you know it, exercise is forgotten about and you’re back to square one, sitting in front of the TV with your chicken box and crisps.

By now, I’m so far down the road on my own health and fitness life that by the time I do sit down in front of the TV, which is occasional, by the way, I can get quickly bored. My body and mind having already been stimulated well throughout the day, I’m good and ready for a good night’s sleep anyhow. I look forward to the next day’s activities. Here’s how your first week of exercise could look like if you’re just starting out.

There’s a silver lining to look forward to. Mondays always seem to be so hard. It’s the beginning of a new week at work and after what may have been a fun-filled weekend; no-one’s looking forward to this long and hard week. I think that’s got more to do with not being sufficiently fit and energized, but I do see the need to go easy on the first day. My first day of exercise is as gentle and relaxing as possible. Its well and truly just a twenty minute walk in the park. Or just a neighborhood walk. Day two gets a bit interesting. Now all you’ll be doing is some basic stretching exercises to loosen up those muscles a little. It will also prepare your body and mind for the next evening’s exertions.

Wednesday is for power. It’s for starting to get those muscles of yours to put in a bit of overtime. You don’t need real weights for this. You can use your own body weight to do a few makeshift weight (training) exercises. Check out on the internet what the pros have to say about going through these motions correctly. Thursday is a big day. Before you go out for your first big run, make sure that you’ve done your stretching exercises. When you’ve come back from your run, make sure you cool your body off with a few more of those stretching exercises.

By Friday, you’re ready to start winding down for the weekend. Something light. Saturday is a big day for a long, long walk or hike. And Sunday you take the whole day off. Your body deserves that break by now.


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Health And Fitness Plans Can Be Strung Together In A Week
December 11, 2016


This is for those of you who are in a hurry.

I’m in a rush against time to get this grand project on health and fitness plans up and running for my editor and the rest of the team. It’s an ambitious plan to promote all-round good health by way of exercising and eating correctly and ensuring that you, the readers, are all emotionally intact. And if you’re not and you’re feeling highly stressed at this point in time then a new course of action needs to be found just for you.

The mad rush to get things started begs this controversial question. Can a health and fitness plan be strung together within a matter of days? Of course it can. That’s what I say. I don’t need to use the clichés that say that ‘I have the science to back it up’. It’s more a case of just how badly you want your good health. Then, as you should know by now, we have those magical tools called the internet and mobile apps.

And to top it all off, we have all been given good common sense. To encourage our keep fit motivations, we should use this at will. Sedentary and overweight folks have a tendency to give up too easily. Some of you reading this now may be part of that crowd and may have reacted with some alarm and thinking just how is it possible to get a new health and fitness plan up and running within a matter of days. Again, use your common sense. Don’t go all out registering for an elaborate gym membership plan when you could be putting your money to good use elsewhere in your life.

Don’t go all out kitting yourself up with expensive keep fit outfits and running shoes that fit you awkwardly because you’re just not used to its light weight. Think logically about this. There’s no need to be pretentious or puff yourself up with pride in your new gear. Your goal is to get fit not look good on the sidewalks. Chances are that if you’re overweight right now, you’ll be looking quite ridiculous in all those neon-light-bright colors anyhow.

And while I understand that you should be excited, don’t get too carried away with your newfound enjoyable eating and juicing inspirations either. You don’t need to go out and buy stacks of expensive health recipe and juicing books all in one go. Take your time over this initiative. And while I did say that you can be up and running with your exercise schedule in no time, take your time over that as well too. While you are being prudent with your limited resources, you’ll be stretching them out to last for a lot longer.

Making precious changes to one’s life without putting much creative and intelligent thought into it can cost money too. Losing money is one of the biggest causes of stress in today’s life, so I don’t want any of this happening to you. You are our friends and we want the best for you. Instead of spending a fortune in the conventional sense, make full use of the internet for good reading and research on how to put together a first exercise plan. You’ll be using the internet to research what type of food you’ll need to be eating as well, and how the different food groups will be benefiting you.

You don’t even need to worry about location. Remember, I said, no need for a fancy gym membership card right now. It could be taking up time to travel into town to get to the gym anyhow. Head off out of your front door and start from there. Take your first brisk twenty minute walk right in your own neighborhood. Dress comfortably and wear loose-fitting clothes for this first extraordinary expedition. You’ll need to sweat it out to get the maximum cardiovascular benefit but if you do find yourself running out of gas at this point, it’s okay to be taking a breather.

Look, I’m sure I’ve said enough at this point in time to motivate you. The rest is up to you. Just get started.


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Enjoyable Eating And Juicing Inspirations To Go With Your New Fitness Plan
December 11, 2016

It started out all horribly didn’t it? That last article was meant to help some readers catch a bit of a wake-up call. I think I used the phrase ‘receiving a good kick up the backside’ to drive home the point and the sense of urgency that is required for all men and women to take drastic action and responsibility in fixing up their health issues for once and for all. Because not only is this going to help them lose weight – this is for those that need to do it – it’s also going to lead to a lot more smiles all around.

And that’s the encouraging point I want to make for this article. Becoming slimmer and leaner and absolutely healthy is going to help you lose your mood swings. It’s going to help you to de-stress. It’s going to alleviate a lot of stress in your life once you start eating and living properly. But this encouragement here says that it’s not at all a gloomy and grim small world that you inhabit when going on a diet or taking up exercise.

Enjoyable eating and juicing practices are not only encouraged they are actually part of the healthy eating and juicing life. There’s no doubt about it. You’d have to be part of the program for at least a few months before you experience the surprisingly wide variety of tastes and nourishing sensations from the healthy foods available to you. People have this thing about not having time enough in the day to do things more thoroughly. They say there’s no time to read product labels and yet they still snap up the goods, even though it’s bad for them.

But the funny and good thing about eating just right and keeping fit today is that you don’t need to do nearly as much reading as you would have before just to make sure you were snacking right. The literature that exists in comparison to the garbage that has been produced on informational content on processed foods is phenomenal. Most of it can be found on the internet. Lines are short, sweet and user friendly.

But most of the time, the words on offer on how to improve your fitness and dietary outcomes are well-meaning and quite inspirational. No big and pretentious words need to be tossed about to drive home the point. Take juicing for instance. To really whet your appetite, the juicing manuals set out to exercise you as far as possible on the nutritional and practical benefits of a variety of recipes. More importantly, to my mind are the fascinating but short explanations on each and every ingredient that goes into the juice pot.

For instance, once upon a time I would not have known about what antioxidants in berries do for me, nor freshly chopped ginger, and especially not the awesome nutritional value of avocado pears. The same goes for putting together an effective healthy eating plan. All across the board, I’m seeing things like related to variety all of the time. It’s a health fundamental but I think it’s great in terms of keeping up your interest in what’s going on down yonder on your dinner plate and what you’re doing out in the park or in the gym.

For instance, not too long ago, I would not have known that it’s really essential to have at least five different vegetables on your dinner plate each and every evening. It’s nice to note how you get to add color to your healthy life as well. I mean, every different vegetable has its own unique fresh color, right?

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Keeping Fit Today Will Help You Lose Weight And De-Stress
December 11, 2016

If this does not prove to be enough motivation for you then I do not know.

What could one suggest other than the proverbial kick up the backside. Now, those words may seem harsh at this time but have been deliberately meant in the most well-meaning way possible. This short and stern message is also responding to the understanding realization that keeping fit today is not at all as easy as it once was many years ago before television sets and automobiles encouraged people to take the easy way out of their lives by becoming more sterile and physically immobile in their daily lives.

Back then, probably around the time our grandparents, perhaps even great-grandparents, were up and about in the workplace like you and me are now, people were mostly physically active. Instead of TV, they went out dancing or to the movies for their weekend entertainment. During the week, many folks would gather around the radio to listen to the evening news, a story or two and some music, while others would keep their minds active before bedtime doing a bit of reading or writing to their pen pals.

Today, in this age of computers and social media, and especially big screen flat TV’s, who could ever imagine living such lives. Oh, let us not forget that before these otherworldly folks settled in for the night after a wholesome meal and after a hard day’s work, they still had to do their chores. There were no automated vacuum cleaners to clean the carpets and floors with. Just a simple broom and dustpan would have done quite alright. There were no dishwashers either. Dishes were washed thoroughly by hand and dried afterwards. And so were the clothes that we wear.

These folks didn’t need keep fit motivations the way we seem to today.  Today, there are those among us that need motivating more than others as if lives depended on it. But today, my motivation to you is that getting on the old bandwagon towards keeping fit will lead to you being a happier specimen within a matter of weeks. Keep that in mind always to try and motivate yourself further. If you’re feeling down in the dumps now and always feeling tired and bloated, just imagine what it’s going to feel like when you start exercising and begin to lose weight.

While you start on your first exercise plan, you’ll also be addressing the way you’ve been eating all this time. That may be hard for some to fathom because it will mean making a lot of sacrifices. There’ll be no more sweet treats and crispy, salty late night snacks in front of the TV. Perhaps if there’s a huge need to lose excess weight, there’ll be no more trips to the pizza hut on Friday evenings after work. Burger and fries fairs are definitely a thing of the past.

Many of you will be tasting water for the first time. Can you imagine that? But you’ll get used it to it. It tastes good, by the way. Imagine what it will be like when you start to slow down in life. Because that is what you’ll be doing when you start exercising once and for all. While you’re on a new routine of sorts, you’ll also be looking into being more physically active. So, instead of driving to the corner to fetch snacks, smokes and sodas late at night, you’ll be taking a stroll into the town to visit your favorite deli to pick up some healthy protein food snacks and fresh fruit and vegetables.

And while you’re doing this, you’ll be seeing and sensing a lot of what you never did before.


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Keep Fit Motivations For Those Just Starting Out
December 11, 2016

Hi there. Welcome to a series of articles built around the purpose vehicle of keeping fit. Its design model is mainly to motivate and inspire readers to make quick and easy transitions from doing nothing to being physically active every day. The keep fit motivations will also include sub-themes on healthy eating and the importance of hydration. There is also a pertinent note or two on how keeping fit will brilliantly help highly-stressed readers reduce their current stress levels.

These next few lines will offer some motivations for those just starting out. It will attempt to encourage them to take those first easy steps by telling it like it is. Getting started on a new keep fit plan is a lot easier than you thought. I also mentioned that it will help you to reduce your stress levels. From day one, you will notice a difference. Also, let this serve as a note of great encouragement to overweight men and women.

It does not matter when or where you start, keeping fit through exercise, walking, running and all-round physical activity will help you lose weight. It’s all in the mind and it’s really up to you. It will also depend on what you are eating and how you are eating it and even when you are eating those meals. For instance, eating around eleven at night, just before bedtime, does not do your heavy and stressed body any good.

It should have had its meal at least four hours before sleep time in order to allow the body time to digest what its consumed and begin the process of relaxation. A good cup of chamomile tea or even warm milk has often been suggested as a good relaxant before bedtime. It’s still true for today’s busy times. Not to be forgotten by those who have made the right choice to become physically active is the need to stay hydrated, along with keeping the body properly nourished.

Part of me motivating the case that getting to and over the first rung of your fitness mission is easy comes by way of a plan. A successful life needs a good, long-term plan. A successful business thrives mainly due to ongoing planning meetings and workshops. The visionary is also always plotting and planning something positive for the future. The problem of time, or not having enough of it, is also overcome with good and proper planning.

Just one plan taking no longer than a day to think about can set the wheels in motion towards becoming fit within a matter of days. Previously, people always used to say how hard it was to get off the couch and onto the road to start exercising. Again, it is all in the mind. It is easier than you think. It also depends a lot on what you’ve started out with. For instance, it hardly makes sense for you to attempt a twenty mile run for the very first time when you’re already over two hundred and fifty pounds on the scale.

This is not a fitness mission. It looks more like a suicide mission and is foolhardy. You might be big and hefty for now but do take gentle baby steps. First learn to crawl before learning to walk. And before you know it, you will be running as fast as you like and as your body is naturally allowed to do. You will also be jumping for joy, as you should. Those of you just starting out can start right now. Yes, that’s right. Now.

Why not? Oh, alright, it’s snowing where you are. H’mm, what shall we do then? How about this then? Start rummaging through your kitchen cupboard to toss out all the junk and clearing out some of the most distracting things in your bedroom that never helped you to relax anyway. There now; your first exercise session done and dusted.




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