Why Syria?

Anyone with a television, smartphone or computer has heard about the horrible civil war in Syria and the resulting refugee crisis. Several times my children have asked questions about the surrounding issues and I have come to realize I know next to nothing about this country. Although I have often stated an opinion on current news reports about what is going on, truly my opinion is steeped in ignorance. So, I set out to remedy my condition. Continue reading Why Syria?

Crazy Alarm Clocks & Sleep Inertia

My oldest son is so difficult to wake up. He is definitely old enough to get himself up in the morning and manage the responsibility of an alarm clock but I just don’t trust him. However, I have to be a good parent and teach him the proper skills so he can adult effectively one day. I have gone on the hunt for the perfect alarm clock. And I have found some dillies! Continue reading Crazy Alarm Clocks & Sleep Inertia

The Biggest Viral Infection On Earth

There is nothing worse than someone in my household coming down with a virus. It means that, not only will I be on nursing duty for a couple of days with my patient, but my nursing tour of duty will be extended for at least a week as everyone else goes down like dominoes, contracting the sickness. It’s almost impossible to live in the same household and not catch something that is contagious. Continue reading The Biggest Viral Infection On Earth

My Daughter And The Piercing Culture

My daughter has pierced ears. I don’t have a problem with that. I have pierced ears. I think a lovely set of earrings is a flattering accessory for women to wear. However, my daughter is of the “piercing culture” generation. She would like to go beyond that. My initial knee-jerk reaction is to exclaim, “Of course not! Continue reading My Daughter And The Piercing Culture

Why Am I Broke?

I look in my pocket book. There a five dollar bill and some change. I look in my “secret stash” drawer, it contains thirty-two one dollar bills. This is the cash reserve to meet the demands of my kids as they nickel and dime me throughout the week. I dole it out one dollar at a time so I can give the precisely how much they need because I know if I give them any extra I will never see the change. I consult the balance in my checkbook. It’s eighteen dollars which could be off, roughly, by a couple of bucks because I am lousy at balancing my checkbook. Continue reading Why Am I Broke?

The Argument for Organic for the Sake of The Child

I grew up in a small, rural town. My mom drove into the “city” to buy groceries once a month. This usually consisted of stocking up on meats and household goods such as laundry detergent, toilet paper, coffee, etc. Once or twice weekly, on our way home from school, she would stop at the local farmer’s cooperative and purchases fresh produce and fruit. Continue reading The Argument for Organic for the Sake of The Child

Who Was Jim Crow?

Often, U.S. politics turn to the subject of race. Sometimes the term “Jim Crow” will be mentioned. I was fortunate enough to grow up after this legal system and social practice was no longer in effect. My parents, however, grew up in the Jim Crow South. My understanding of the term I have taken for granted. When my children ask me, “Mom, who was Jim Crow?” I am at a loss as to how to answer that question. Continue reading Who Was Jim Crow?